How Do I Spider Web Pages?

As a web spider or Googlebot I am similar to a caterpillar with every hair on my body being a receptor for information. I evaluate large numbers of sites to get the best web page for a given look for.

I first discover sites having headings on pages that have the terms that are explored. I then look for the real webpages for those terms and even the adverbial terms in the look for term. If you change a term in the explored terms I will likely come back different outcomes. My job is to come back the most appropriate outcomes for the terms explored. My outcomes are very good but not ideal.

If the site headline suits the look for term but the material does not have those terms I yell S-P-A-M!!!. If those explored terms are not near the start of the web page I say “Low relevance”. Even little terms like any, all, every, etc are important if they are in the explored term. I look for these early in the material too. I often generate those terms in strong even if they are not used together with the search phrases. I take into account how popular a site is, its fill rate and its sector age.

I pay little focus on meta explanations as I am fascinated in finding real material which fits. Without a meta information I go straight to the material to discover the related terms. I do pay focus on domains that have search phrases in them but not as much interest as I used to. I do observe highlighted terms such as bolded, underlined, etc as long as it is not typical throughout the site. I’m okay with images but I can’t see them. I look for search phrases in image information. I give more factors for a site having several webpages or plenty of inbound hyperlinks from sites with typical search phrases. I deduct factors when there are plenty of hyperlinks from sites that do not have search phrases in typical. I cry F O U L if there are hyperlinks to adult sites. I alternative alternatives where I think appropriate but you will get different outcomes for “buy a house” vs. “purchase a house”. I like clean or lately modified material. I will also visit those sites more often. I show where I found the terms in the material by making them strong. Sometimes it is not sensible where I take a term or two so again I’m not ideal.

Search “furnace” and I can offer different outcomes than if you look for “furnaces”. This indicates you need to include both terms if you deal with heaters. Search “service any furnace” (or brand) vs. “service all furnaces” (or brands) and I can offer different outcomes. This indicates you should say we support any and all heater manufacturers in your material. Modifying one or two terms in your material can considerably enhance your visibility.

Google and others regularly modify how I should see things (brought about by someone trying to game the system) but my objective is always clear. To come back the most appropriate web sites for the look for asked for. Those who say material is master are right unfortunately a special term here or there can really make a change.